Buyer Beware! Abandoned Oil Tank
An abandoned oil tank can be the largest single expense if found after you own your new home. Many oil tanks were buried in New Jersey, especially if the home was built between the 1930’s – 1970’s but not limited to those years. 

Many home owners simply left the old oil tank below grade when converting to gas. Many years ago that was perfectly acceptable and often there was still oil in the tank. When the metal tank rusts and develops a few holes the oil will leak into the ground and could be extremely costly to clean up. If a leak makes its way into a well or water stream the clean up can range up to several hundred thousand dollars. Many of these claims are limited or not covered in your home owners insurance policy.

An oil tank inspection is a visual inspection of the interior and exteriors of the home in order to identify any oil tank fill pipes, oil tank vent pipes or oil tank feed lines in the basement. Next, we will scan the property using a metallic locator and ground penetrating radar. Our ground penetrating radar equipment is some of the best technology for detecting oil tanks residentially and has many other applications. When an oil tank is detected we will clearly mark it out for removal and provide you with a written recommendation for removal.

*Underground Fuel Tank Detection is not part of a NJ Home Inspection. These services are available upon request only.