Asbestos Inspectors Certification # NYS-RHIII-3829 asbestos

Almost all homes built before 1980 will contain asbestos in various building materials. In fact, many products still manufactured and sold today contain asbestos. The difference is the percentage of asbestos used in those building materials. Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) contain 1% asbestos or more. Less than 1% asbestos in a building material is considered “Acceptable.” 

There is no levels of asbestos that is considered “safe” regardless of what Agencies consider it “acceptable.“ The major health issues caused by asbestos exposure are mesothelioma, asbestosis and lung cancer. The bottom line is that asbestos is harmful to your health! 
Some common materials where asbestos levels are elevated are heating pipe insulation, flooring tiles, ceiling tiles, vermiculite insulation, roofing materials, siding materials, textured paints and wall compounds. 

A visual inspection of your home is not sufficient to determine if a material contains asbestos. Instead, samples of suspected asbestos fibers should be sent to a certified laboratory for analysis. Taking samples should be performed by a trained and certified individual in order to reduce the risk of asbestos expose to the occupants.

*Asbestos Inspections and Sampling is not part of a NJ Home Inspection. These services are available upon request only.